Why Wet Rooms for Disabled Works

Wet rooms are perfect for people with limited mobility and disabilities. Remember that these folks now have difficulty getting into a tub or a regular shower. Wet rooms for disabled allow them to shower and bathe without having to step into a bath tub or shower stall. These wet rooms also have utility features such as grab handles, slip proof floors, supports, and chairs, which can make showering easier.

How Do Wet Rooms Work?

If you step into one, you almost wouldn’t recognize any difference from a regular shower or bath. Upon closer inspection, the first difference you’ll notice is that there isn’t a stall. It’s like a shower minus the usual stall.

You should also note that they also do not have any shower screens. That hints at the internal design of these specialized showers. Expect additional waterproofing added into the floors and walls to ensure that no water seeps through.

The floor is slip proofed but it is sloped slightly towards the drain. Remember that the water will splash pretty much everywhere and then collected in the drain. This also prevents any small pool of water from forming on the floor tiles. Some designs allow the use of shower curtains.

Fixtures and Fittings

Another thing you will notice in these wet rooms for disabled, built by builders in Birmingham, is the additional fixtures and fittings. There will be grab rails and other supports for the convenience of the physically impaired. It also allows for a care giver to shower someone without getting himself wet. Note that towel racks, light switches, and electric sockets are conveniently located as well.